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Quadran, 360° of green energy

An independent leader of green electricity production in France, Quadran works with the main sources of renewable energy: wind power, photovoltaics, hydraulics, biogas, and biomass. Thanks to this diversity of production and the strength of its local presence, Quadran is a leading figure in the energy transition in Metropolitan France and overseas.

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With 30 years' experience in wind farm construction, Quadran operates 56 sites in 2017, in excess of 419 MW. It is the largest operator in the overseas territories.
flecheTomorrow... Quadran has wind turbine projects in the pipeline amounting to almost 2,200 MW on land and offshore.


Quadran operates more than 140 solar power plants, equivalent to more than 178 MWp in 2017, of three types: solar carports, photovoltaic roofing and ground-mounted solar plants.
fleche Tomorrow... The group has a portfolio of projects amounting to nearly 1,000 MWp.


This branch offers real financial underpinning to the public service mission to eliminate waste. In 2017, Quadran operates 12 biogas recovery units with a total output of 13 MW.
fleche Tomorrow... Quadran is involved in the creation of anaerobic digestion plants for organic and agricultural waste, as well as landfill recovery.


9 hydroelectric stations in operation totaling 5 MW in the Occitanie and PACA regions.
fleche Tomorrow... Quadran continues to advance with several plants to be commissioned over the next years.