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A long history

A new independent leader of green energy production in France, Quadran was born of the merging of JMB Énergie and Aérowatt on June 30, 2013. The new group is one of the Top 5 independent national figures in free energy.

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Created in 2001 by Jean-Marc Bouchet, JMB Énergie forged its experience with the development and construction of the first wind power plants in the Aude region. The company then began working in the development of photovoltaic projects in 2007, hydroelectric plants in 2010, and the use of biogas and biomass in 2011, becoming one of the major green electricity producers in southern France.

A pioneer in the renewable energy market, Aérowatt has more than 45 years of experience in the field. Created in 1966, the company installed its first wind power plant in 1983 in the Aude region and its first wind turbines in France's overseas departments in 1992.

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Aérowatt followed by diversifying into the development of wind power and solar power plants in Metropolitan France and overseas.

Through partnerships and projects, the JMB Energie and Aérowatt teams crossed paths, assisted each other, and complemented each other... Between these two pioneers of sustainable development, the adventure was often a shared one! In particular in 2010, when Aérowatt and JMB Energie worked together for the repowering of the Château de Lastours wind power plant (Portel des Corbières – Aude).

Since 2010, the managing teams of JMB Energie and Aérowatt had been exploring different avenues to come together and create a significant independent French player in the industry. In the face of the extremely rapid growth of renewable energy worldwide, French companies need to prepare themselves to continue their development and to ensure reliable and competitive modes of production.

Thus the merger began when JMB Energie purchased 60% of Aérowatt’s shares in September 2012, then continued with a tender offer (in France: Offre Publique d'Achat Simplifiée or OPAS) for the remaining listed shares of Aérowatt, which allowed for Aérowatt’s official exit from the stock exchange on April 19, 2013.


2013, setting a new course

This process resulted in the merger of Aérowatt and JMB Énergie on June 30, 2013, and the creation of a single group: Quadran, free energy.

Quadran’s strength comes from the values held by the founders of JMB Energie and Aérowatt: to increase the share of renewable energy in the nation’s supply and to foster a strong local presence, all while maintaining real independence of choice.


Quadran Polska

Quadran Polska started its operations in Poland through acquisition of the company juwi Energia Odnawialna in June 2015. By acquisition of this company Quadran Polska automatically became the owner of a portfolio of juwi Energia Odnawialna projects with a total capacity of approx. 300 MW.

As the next step of growth of Quadran in Poland, in February 2016 the company has also acquired Eolfi Polska including all its project development activity in Poland. The total size of acquired portfolio exceeds 200MW.

Currently, the company strengthens its position in the renewable energy market through development of its own projects and further acquisitions on the Polish market.


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Statement from the general assembly of the June 30, 2013 merger:

Jean-Marc Bouchet
President of Quadran

« It is a matter of great pride to create a new and important player in the renewable energy industry. To serve its ambitions for the energy transition and to respect its obligations, France needs to rely on intermediate sized companies who are independent, have the means to successfully carry out ambitious projects, and who are free to choose their own investment strategies.»




Statement from the general assembly of the June 30, 2013 merger:

Jérôme Billerey
CEO of Quadran

 « Today, we have grown to a significant size and we have a network of expertise in four complementary energies. This position will allow us to accelerate our development. »